Pirate Labs Design Tasks

For the email task, I first evaluated Peach Skin Sheets' current campaigns as well as those of the competition. I found that other luxury bedding retailers used cleaner layouts with increased white space, fewer fonts, and more modern lifestyle imagery. These choices result in sophisticated designs that are both well-organized and engaging — all of which I wanted to achieve in my email template.


For my design, I reduced the visual clutter by eliminating the overlapping collage-style imagery and instead focusing on two full-bleed photos and a reusable size chart illustration. The purpose of the email is clearly stated below the first image, and the impetus to purchase is more explicit thanks to the usual and reduced prices both being shown.

Additionally, the customer now has a quicker way to get to the size sheets they need by clicking the links on the bed size illustration. I also opted to remove the top navigation row in favor of getting to the subject of the email with fewer distractions, and I limited the use of the secondary calligraphy-style font in favor of the primary, Montserrat. The palette is in keeping with the brand as well as the featured sheets, but it steers clear of heavy imagery featuring all-gray rooms as seen in PSS's "Shades of Gray" email.

Overall, this design reflects a younger, hipper, and more stylish product. A cleaner look is ideally suited for marketing luxury sheets, which are known for their crisp freshness, but the playful secondary font and illustrated details ensure that Peach Skin Sheets doesn't come across as stuffy or overpriced.


The underlying template could easily be used for future "color of the month" emails. Many of the elements could stay as they are (logo, footer, etc.) while new imagery, swatches, and text could be incorporated and quickly edited. 


Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go unsubscribe from about a dozen newsletters about sheets.



For the infographic task, I looked to the Ahoy style guide as well as Pirate Labs' website. I noticed that they both embrace a vibrant and playful look, including animated features, wide blocks of color, and drop shadows.

With those in mind, I created a dynamic visual that uses Ahoy's punchy accent color to draw your eye first to the title and then to each of the light-hearted illustrations that accompany the five points. The enlarged numbers contribute to the playful feel and easily carry the reader through the list, and the five uniquely tinted color blocks help delineate each topic.

The type is Filson Pro, and the palette uses four of the five colors in Ahoy's scheme (plus tints). The infographic is sized for use in an email and was constructed in Photoshop with illustrations created in Illustrator.

P.S. I hesitated to bastardize beautiful Jiggles into a simplified illustration, but once I envisioned a robot cat (see #2), I just couldn't resist.


Thank you for the opportunity to show you my skills, and I hope we can continue the conversation!

Audrey Hall, 8/20/18